DJ Over iPod | Gold Coast DJ Entertainment





In recent years, as technologies such as the IPod become a constant companion in our daily lives, a new decision in wedding planning is whether to choose a DJ or an IPod? It’s a battle between saving money and hosting the best party of all time. I am going to try and help make this decision a little bit easier by explaining why you should choose a DJ over an IPod.

One major element in keeping the party going during a wedding is playing a little bit of something everyone will like. Now, I’m not saying that even if you hate country music you should play it just to make your Uncle Joe happy, this is your wedding after all. However, it’s important to have a wide range of songs that’ll get the younger and older crowd enjoying themselves. This is where your DJ comes in he, or she, will provide a wide range of options that you just couldn’t have with an IPod. At Gold Coast DJ Entertainment we provide a online portal that our clients can log into and select their special songs or any other music they want to hear. Put as much or as little as you like in there, we guarantee that any song in the list will be with the DJ on the night. Also, unlike an IPod, most DJ’s are happy to take requests on the spot. So when you remember that one song you forgot to download that you really want to hear, a DJ can play it within minutes.

My second reason is a very important one: reading the crowd. A good DJ is trained to do this and will have plenty of experience in seeing what kind of mood your guests are in. Your IPod may have all your music arranged from slow to fast but what it can’t do is switch to more upbeat music if the guests seem to be enjoying themselves. Transitions also then become an important part of keeping the crowd happy because what’s worse than that awkward pause between songs while people were pulling out their best dance moves.

MCing is a key part in getting the party going. Most DJ’s are happy to do this but it is important to meet with them before hand to discuss timing and the pronunciation of names. If you choose an IPod I’m sure your brother or best man would be happy to get the crowd going but what happens once that best man has had a couple drinks…we all know where that could end!

All of these potential issues tie in to one thing: stress. By choosing a DJ instead of going with an IPod you’re going to reduce your stress level immensely. You won’t need to deal with renting equipment, downloading songs, dealing with any technical malfunctions or making sure your MC is ready for every next move. It may cost you more to hire a DJ than use your IPod but once you balance out your time and stress with the extra money you’ve spent, it will be well worth it in the end.

Now these are some pretty key reasons as to why a DJ will result in a better wedding than using your IPod, but what if they still aren’t enough? Here is my final reason: it will keep your guests talking. Ever hear the saying, “ no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep” well the same applies for weddings. I am sorry to say but no one is going to remember the wedding where everyone sat around making small talk with a mellow song in the background, but they will remember the wedding where everyone got up and danced to that old 80’s hit. Entertainment is a major part of a wedding and it can either make or break your guests experience. An iPod is fine for a party in your living room but I think that an event as important as your wedding deserves something a little more special.